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Ecuador is full off sweet, sweet fruit! And you get these fruits in all sorts of versions…from smoothies to big delicious fruit salads. And best of all: Its sooo cheap. I will for sure miss stepping out on the street and get fresh mango juice for 3 kr. (50 cent)

Our first stop was in Montanita, a charming little beach town. If you are a single male you should get your ass here as soon as possible. This little place is packed with young, beautiful women. I have been in plenty of beach towns before but I have never seen so many gorgeous people in one spot as I did in Montanita. Here women are tanned, toned and exotic. So book a ticket guys! Except from looking at beautiful women (I couldn’t help it…u would too) we didn’t do much else then tan, drink fruit drinks (most of them with vodka) and tan. Perfect  If u read this and think to yourself: oh how I miss sun and warmth…well, then I can inform u that with sun and warmth also comes cockroachs (kakkelakk), and one of the nights before going to bed we (James) had to kill 8 of these disgusting little creatures that suddenly appeared from under the bed. These things make sleeping pretty god damn hard. So there you go.

Montanita, where the drinks are pretty and the girls are cheap...oops I meant the other way around.


Ecuador is dirty…garbage is floating around everywhere. Not just in the streets but u can drive by big fields full of junk. It’s pretty sad that the Ecuadorians don’t have more respect for their own country. On the buses u see grown men throwing garbage straight out of the window. It is such a shame because the country loses a lot of its beauty when there is rubbish everywhere. For some reason only a little percentage of houses in Ecuador is actually completed which make the country in some places look half finished.

Trying out my driving skills....

Quito – which is translated “the middle of the earth”. If u travel 30 minutes outside Quito city you get to the Equator line where u can literally stand with one foot on each side of the equator. To prove that we actually stood on the equator line our guide demonstrated by pouring water in to a sink on the south side, north side and in the middle. On the south side the water went down the drain anti clock wise, on the north side it was the opposite and in the middle it just went straight down. Crazy!!!


On opposite sides of the world:

We also visited Bano, where we did a 2 day jungle trip. Unfortunately for the residents of Banos they’re town is translated in Spanish as toilet. Our jungle trip was pretty busy with plenty to see and do. We went caiman “hunting”, cruised down the river in a wooden canoe (If we had followed the river we would have ended up in manu in Brazil!!!), swam in a lagoon/ waterfall in the middle of the rain forest (which we probably shared with a couple of caimans), we hiked and learned heaps about natural medicine and ate a lot of insects and trees. Fun, fun, fun…except when a rat came in to our little wooden hut in the middle of the night…

Cruising down the river:

A tiny, little piece of a very big rain forest

Australian tarzan

Not the worst place to be chillin

James getting his make up done..

5 star jungle accomodation

James making great connection with the monkey

Me: not so much

Practising my warrior skills...

South America has been an incredible experience, both good and bad. Travelling through such a poor continent really makes u put life in perspective. I feel so, so lucky. Being born in Norway you get so much for free…we are so safe. We have rights and strong laws. We have police that we don’t have to be scared off. We have politicians that don’t take our money to buy them self holidays, cars, houses etc. The drug lords don’t own the media. We can speak up. We can marry who we want. We can get sick and still not have to sell our house. We can get free education. We can be home with our baby for 1 whole year (payed), even more if we want and still have our job to go back to. (I meet a woman from Alaska and she got 6 weeks!!) We have such a good system and still the ones that don’t have any of it can seem more grateful & happy than the ones that have everything.

South America is a beautiful, colourful and a very, very poor continent. Don’t get me wrong, there is also a lot of rich people around this continent….though most of them have earned their money in a fair way I also believe a high percentage of the rich south American’s have done some short cuts along the way.
Travelling through this continent have learned me so much and have made me face challenges that I sometimes thought I couldn’t handle..but I did. It makes you see the world differently and you realise that there is not only one way of living life.

This is my last blog entry from South America. It has been a dream come true.

Hasta luega amigos,

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