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Machu Picchu

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Time to tell u about Peru…So far we have been to Arequipa, Cusco & Lima, and after over a month up in high altitude we are now in Mancora which is up at the north coast of Peru. I am pretty happy to have the high altitude over and done with and to now be down at the ocean again….it’s so beautiful here

But I won’t talk about Mancora now cause first I have to tell u all about Machu Picchu, which is so far in my life the most wonderful human created thing I have ever seen. Not sure if thing is the right word to use when describing this wonder…but anywho. Machu Picchu is located about 100 km from Cusco and you have to take a train far far in through massive mountains before u have to continue by bus far far up to the top of one of these mountains…and there u have it, Machu Picchu, the lost Inca village. How these tiny Inca people were able to build this beautiful stone village so far and high up in the middle of the jungle makes it even more beautiful. Its 2200 meter above sea level…it makes me wonder how the heck they got all that stone up the hill???!!!


Machu Picchu was built around 1440 and was only used for about 100 years by the Incas. You might think this was a shame since it obviously was A LOT of work to build something like Machu Picchu but it defenitly didnt go to waste.
To visit Machu Picchu it cost you 1000 kr ($US 200) and each day year around it is at least 1000 visitors per day…so in one year Peru earn about 365 million kr ($US 62 millions) on Machu Picchu!!!

The guard:

Walking around the village looking at the work made by bare human hands makes me just more fascinated by this wonder. The stones perfectly fit each other and in most spots not even paper can get through the gaps. How small, tiny people build this without tools makes my wondering mind think that maybe someone just flew it up with a helicopter in newer age…after all it does make 365 million a year. But then you have the pyramids and the colosseum and so many other amazing buildings. So I might settle with the thought that human beings actually built Machu Picchu the old fashion way.



Over Christmas we stayed in Cusco. Cusco is beautiful and if you like art and craft this is heaven. You find alpaca scarfs and sweaters for 1/5 of the price you pay in Norway. Paintings, silver, socks, fabrics ..you name it. At one stage it was nearly painful to walk around because I knew I could only look and not touch, or buy. But my love for scarfs I couldn’t ignore so 3 soft alpaca scarfs is now pushed into my backpack…and a couple of earrings…and maybe a painting or two…

A couple of photos from Cusco:

Local women walking theyre lama:

One of the many church doors in Cusco. She knocked on the door but God wasnt home:

A young gentleman helping his grandma up the hill: (I know a couple of men out there that could learn a thing or two from this little fella)

Local girls doing great business selling photos for 1 Soles per picture:

One of many run down houses in Cusco. Bano = toilet...so the toilet is that tiny box in the backyard. Maybe we should think twice next time we go crazy over the telly not working.

The view from our hostel...if only I won millions one day....

I have so much more to tell u about Peru but Mancora is just to sunny, so my time is spent on the beach these days. The rest of the Peru stories will have to wait untill we share a beer in Norway:) Peru is truely beautiful and it is really as colourful as I imagined it to be.

Hasta luega.

-Tonje..that looooves the mangos here in Mancora. Oh, so sweet -

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