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A little update...

Since Salvador we have had 2 stops. One in Illheus and one in Arraial D`adjuda. I have to honestly admit that the first week I was a in shock by all the poverty...I was expecting something like the goldcoast(australia), but then I i meet a runned down part of the country that is in so deep poverty that if they are lucky they have a 2*3 meter brick house that looks like its gonna fall apart any minute. From salvador to illheus which takes about 8 hours all I could see is these houses.....I didnt see one single house with a window that actually can be closed! When we get further south and closer to Arraial D`adjuda we start seeing less and less of the third world country we meet up north...which is a bit of a releave. I dont mind seeing it cause its a massive experience and eye opener...but just so extremely sad to face it everyday! Brazil actually has the 4th or 5th biggest economy....to see that they use so little of there money to help the poor just makes me so angry.

Anywho...I will fill u in on all the positive sides of Brazil. First off all its the food...we have just discovered a dream of a dessert. TAPIOCA!!! Its a pancake sort of thing that is made with this special flour(tapioca) that they fill with banana,coconut, cinnemon and condenst milk. Its absolutly fantastic! So every night at 8pm its tapioca-time!!:) And yesterday we discovered yet another Brazilian food tradition: chicken heart!! Grilled on a stick! I did`nt tast it but James did....not so good!

Here in Brazil every single women, no matter what age wear TINY bikinis....the ones that covers about 1% of your ass! What suprise me is that they do not care about how they`re ass looks, they wear them if they are 20, 40 or 90! All this naked skin has actually made me a little liberated and I now change my bikini top without covering myself up with a towel:)

My good friend Jessica from Melbourne once asked me if we translate english songs like for example Beyonce into Norwegian when we play them on the Norwegian radios. I smiled at the question but now I know differently. In Illheus James and I went to a beautiful beach 10 min out of the city called Million beach. Since its not summer yet we pretty much had the beach to our self. We went to a beach bar and ordered to Skol (Brazilian beer, which by the way is a dangerously easy beer to drink...as light as water!!!) We took 2 chairs down to the water...there we sat relaxed with our beers totally alone on this remote beach. Only the music from the bar and the waves from the ocean....than there comes a very familliar tone from the bar. I know I had heard it before and It takes a couple of seconds before I get what song it is....so far away from home, on a beach with my beer and my book I get to hear norwegian AHA-"hunting high and low"....in Portugese! Maybe we dont "dub" english songs in Norway, but they defenitly do in Brazil :)

After a week in Brazil we started to get a bit worried and was wondering where all the other backpackers were. We had`nt meet one yet! But things changed when we got to Arraial D`àdjuda and we checked in to this nice little hostel runned by a little family. We were hoping our luck had changed when we see a bikini and shorts hanging out of the next door window...but still they could again turn out to be another portugese speaking couple. This time it actually turned out to be a nice english couple..Becky and Steph. After a day or two the hostel was nearly full of australians, germans and englishmen. It is such a nice feeling to be among other travellers again :)

Our new friends Becky, Steph & Annie:

Arraial D`adjuda defenitly does`nt feel as dangerous as Salvador, actually it feels pretty safe...but one thing that might not be the safest in the long run is the lady in the square center selling drinks for 5 reais(15 kr = 1,5 pound). She has a street vendor filled with fruit and alcohol and a menu with 30 drinks to choose from....the drinks she makes is defenitly not a standard drink but more like a tripple drink where she adds at least 2 and a half shots! Very good value for the money...not so good for the head the next day!

The cheapest, most charming little "bar" :

Some pictures of beautiful Arraial D`adjuda:

So far this journey has been great inn all sort of ways and I hope it continues that way. I truly believe travelling is the greates education u can get:)
Well better get going. Off to take an 18 HOUR bus to Rio de Janeiro.....maybe I should drop by the center square for a take away tapioca & a 5 reais drink, it might make the ride a bit easier...??:)

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After 5 days in Salvador I have experienced more culture and "inntrykk" then I have done in my last 10 years...its already been such a big eye opener and I sit back with thousen thoughts about this country and the people that live here. I will try and get down some of it on "the paper"....

Well, the first big challange is that 99% of the people here speak portugese and portugese only...which have been fun, but also a tiny bit frustrating at times. Specially when your hungry and the menu is all in portugese and the only word u know is obrigada..thank u. U can almost compare it to gambling...should we really risk paying 30 riel on something we have no clue what is or should we take the cheapest option and then at least not throw our money away if we lose. The first night out we ended up picking a mix of dishes from the menu and it was not our lucky night....we ended up with 1 kg fried chees and fish eyes marinaded in not 1 but 2 kg garlic. Well, after our gourmet dinner we have discovered a traditional bahian dish called camareo something..its this tomato/curry/seafood pot and it tasts just fantastic....so since we have stopped gambling with food this has been our dinner for the last 4 days:)

The first three nights we staying in a little town...absolutly nothing to do except eating, swimming, sunbaking! It was extremely relaxing and such a nice feeling to get some tan. (even if our pale bodies didnt handle to much before it burned)...




The last 2 days has been spent in actual Salvador city where we found a nice cozy pousada in the heart of Pelohrino. Even if I have travelled through different parts of the world I have to say when the bus dropped us off in Salvador city I looked over my shoulder more then once. The lower level is a dodgy, scary place where I dont think i would have lasted to long after 9pm...but a nice old man helped us up to the upper level(Pelohrino) through an elevator!
Pelorhino is the most charming little area with colourful streets, music, lots of culture and such a huge mix of people. But in Pelorhino i face my next big challange...children on the street! Its a hard thing to ignore....and u have to because there are millions of them. The view from our pousado is this:


The gap between poor and rich is huge! When we drove in to Salvador all we could see was favelas. Its extremely hard to see all the children on the street barefoot, hungry, high on glue(or worse), begging for money...no hope. But yesterday I learned a lesson...I had ignored so many of the children but this one boy I couldnt ignore. He was collecting cans and ofcourse barefoot...so dirty clothes...and begged me for food. I told him I would get him some food and he took me to one of the street venders. He pickes out a roll(not so hungry any more) and a can of coke. I pay, and get way less change that i should. I get pissed...but what can i do. I say by to the boy....and i take 4 steps. And then...i get this little boys plan. I turn around and i see the vender-lady gives him money. He took me to a vender where he has a "deal"...the lady charge me way to much and the boy pickes up food that he 5 sec later will return to get the money + the money i got charged extra. My 10 riel then did`nt go to food but money to the boy so he could most likely get glue, or other stuff to get high on to survive the night.......

Salvador is so much more then just poverty....it is full of beauty. Not only in buildings, but also the men, women and children are gorgeous:)



Thats it for now....its already midnight and the alarm is on for 6.30, so better get some sleep! Tomorrow we are off to Illehus south of Salvador!!
Adios for now...

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A little update on our 3 days in London...
London was used to pretty much recharge our batteries, so we used most of our time in coffee shops chillin:) Also had a look at Buckingham palace...us and 1 mill other tourists :) The best day was in Notting Hill..used hours down Portobello road, which is full off vintage clothes and other antics. If it was`nt for my backpack being 100 kg already and Im gonna be on the road for the next 300 days ill defenitly would have used up my money there!


Since we have been 2 really hard workers for the last 1 1/2 years we went out celebrating the second night. I never thought I would get James to come to a musical with me again after I forced him to watch Mamma Mia with me 2 years ago...but it went suprisinly easy this time when I suggested to go see "We will rock u". It was just an AMAZING show...but how can it not be when u get to hear all Queen`s biggest hits in 3 hours :)

Since I looooveee good food I also have to recommand this little italian restaurant : Da Mario at 63 Endell street. In 1 out of 10 it is defenitly a 100. Fantastic food...and run by an old italian couple, so u are garanteed quality italian food :)

Just a couple of photos of Oreo&Mud in London:


Got in to Salvador yesterday...so much to tell already about this country, but that will have to wait a couple of days. Well one thing I can say about the Brazilian girls...wow, they wear small bikinis. A good thing for James...not so good for me ;)

Well, better get my big bikini on and get some sun on this body, cant blog the day away. If u were wondering about the weather here..???? Its 27 and sun :)


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Adios amigos!

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Finally after over a year of saving the time has come for our big South- America trip. This trip I will try and keep a blog...just for fun and to have a little project while Im on the road. Will try and write as much as I can in English but might turn over to "norsk" once in a while ;)

Its a strange mix of feelings to again pack up my stuff and head out to see a new part of the world...I cant wait to taste new food, meet new people, learn history, get to know new cultures...warmth, beach & sun..just not know where tomorrow will take me! And most of all Im looking forward to just be free from all the daily worries ;)

Better get some sleep....one more sleep and then we are off to South America!! (with a couple of days stop-over in London)

Neste oppdatering er fra Salvador...tenk det ;)


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