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Ok, time to tell u about life in Argentina...

Since Iguazu falls we have had a stop in Rosario, Buenos Aires & Mendoza...unfortunately I have lost all my photos from Buenos Aires, which is Shit, cause I had soooo many cool photos...anywho, shit happens and I will try in words to describe how amazing BA is :)

We spent 10 days in BA...and there is a couple of things I discovered in these 10 days that I’ll tell u about....FIRST:

Argentinian wine! Ok...since entering Argentina It’s no longer chocolate that is my biggest problem, but I am afraid the wine might start to be a tiny little bit of a problemo! I wouldn’t really say that it’s my fault that I now drink at least a glass of red wine a day(ok, maybe 3 glasses) but whoever it is that puts the price on the bottle. 15 kr(1,5pound!!!) for a bottle of wine? In my defense it is actually the same price as a bottle of water in Norway...no wonder I go a little bit crazy with the wine here. And the thing is, this wine that I’m drinking is also REALLY nice. Like fantasticly nice!! I’m not going to pretend I’m some sort of a wine expert but a few things about the wine here I have picked up….well, why this wine have such a good taste to it is because of a grape called MALBEC! It’s the reason why the Argentinian wine tast soooooo goood . I don’t think I have ever tasted anything quite like it. And if u are now thinking that : oh my god, she has turned in to an alcoholic ...then in my defense, again, the lady from the winery said its actually extremely healthy to have a glass of wine a day, cause its full of antioxidants! So there u go :) BESTO: No need to worry...only 1 week left in Argentina, then no more good wine for a while :)

Argentina is known for their steaks...so when in BA of course we had to go out for a proper steak. Our choice for the night was a classy restaurant called La Cabrera in Palermo...so in this beautiful, little restaurant I had my first rare steak. I never thought I would ever have a steak that is more red than brown…and by red I mean BLOOD - red. At one stage there was actually a little pool of blood on my plate!!! I’m not sure if it was all the bling-bling around me that made me like the steak or if it was the actual steak, but I LOVED it! And I especially liked the price....dinner, wine & dessert at a 5 star restaurant (with a line outside) for 150 kr (15 pound). ME like!!! Not so much the time Argentinian eats they’re dinner though, which is not earlier then 10pm!! At least it explains why they all go home from work around 1 pm and have something called siesta. So yes, in all the smaller cities in Argentina ALL the shops close from 1 to 5 pm. And when we asked one of the Argentinian men we met about what they do in these 4 hours he answered: eat & sleep!! I thought Australians (and specially the man I’m with) was one of the most laid back people on this planet…but now I’m not so sure anymore….

In BA I saw more public kissing in 10 days then I have in my last 10 years in Norway. They do A LOT of kissing…everywhere! And they can sit and kiss forever. With kissing I don’t mean the sweet kissing, put proper full-on kissing! Maybe something I should bring home to Norway with me?? ;) In Mendoza it’s not only kissing they do...our last day there we rented bikes to go and check out this massive park. Well, all we could find was parked cars. Inside: women ¬¬¬plus man = sexy time. Maybe it’s where the men take they’re receptionist in the lunch break????

While staying in BA we took a day trip over to Uruguay and Colonia Del Sacramento. It’s a 1 hour boat trip from BA and its BEAUTIFUL!!!! It’s an old, old town that they have kept as it was since...well, since many many years ago. This day trip turned out to be a little bit of fun challenge. All we had of cash was 700 pesos and James bankcard. When we finally found the boat terminal I managed to lose the bankcard..or it got eaten by the ATM cause I did a mistake or two with the pin number:/ So with one less bank card we also discovered that the price of the boat ticket had gone up over night…so if we actually chose to go we would have 100 pesos left after paying the tickets! (100 pesos is 150 kr /15 pound) So should we really go?? To another country for 12 hours with hardly any money? We obviously ended up going. So for 12 hours James and I were in Uruguay with 100 pesos and our passports...still we had lunch, dinner, snacks(had to be a little bit creative) and even got to go to all the museums!!! Fun day!!! 

There is so much to say about BA...it’s such a beautiful city with amazing architecture and so much culture! It looks like any other big cities...but if u look a little bit closer it’s not at all as beautiful as u wish it were. So here it comes again…the social worker/ human in me have to write some lines about everything I wish I could change. In BA there is so many sweet little children that every night has to sleep on a dirty madras in the streets. I have seen hundreds of homeless children, but in BA it’s just such a massive contrast seeing these children sleeping in between its parents in the middle of a busy, beautiful street full of cafes& restaurants. I don’t understand how a country can spend money on keeping the cities clean and beautiful and they can’t put money in to a shelter for these children. Obviously South America is one of the poorest continents in the world…maybe I am naïve, but it makes me so angry to see a country give up the children. I just realize more and more what a brutal world we live in and how extremely lucky I am that are born in Norway.

At the moment we are in Cafayete, north in Argentina. A beautiful little town…which I just got told have a café where u can get Wine-ice cream!!!! So now I already have a plan for tomorrow!!:)
-Tonje, that feels very, very lucky-

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