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Did we just get robbed??!!!!

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I have always believed that good things happen to good people....well, that rule do not exist in South America....

U might have heard about those organised robberies where u get totally set-up and then whitin seconds your belongings are gone...now James and I have a story like that..

Its Sunday afternoon and we both have a tiny little bit of a hangover from the night before. We take the subway to Buenos Aires main bus station to take the night bus to Mendoza. Sooo excited to soon be seeing yet another beautiful part of Argentina...

From the subway to the bus station its a 300 meter walk...within these 300 meters I will experience my first big south American robbery..(well, actually my second...my wallet got stolen too, right in front of me a couple of days earlier...me? good luck?)

So this is the scam:
100 meters in to the walk a man makes me aware of some white stuff that is covering the whole side of my big backpack and the side of my leg. Fuck, is that bird shit???? But doesnt that smell like sun screen??? Im confused!!! But so annoyed...why now? We have a bus to catch! And guess what?? The "bird" have hit James as well. Coincidence?
Well, now we need something to clean this shit up with. And there she is...a 50ish old, smiling and lovely, sweet women. With napkins. Wow...what a nice women. As kind as she is ofcourse she offers all the napkins she has...she even offers to help us clean the backpacks! Our lucky day??? So off our backpacks goes!! James has his little backpack on his front, that ofcourse has to be taken off to get the big backpacks off. So for 2 SECONDS...2 SECONDS (!!) our small backpack and purse get dropped to the ground. Then...the women and the man walks quickly in seperate directions. Do they have a bus to catch???? or? What? The backpack!!!!!! In a second we realise we have been set up BIG TIME. James small backpack is gone! So in 2 seconds we no longer have our fantastic notebook-pc, ipod, our cash, and the shittest part: James passport!


The feeling of being robbed and lied to...and on top of it all realise that your belongings are gone is unexplaneable. I cant really compare it with any other feeling...u are just so pissed off, mixed with a little bit of hate and sadness. U can always replace your stuff...put the fact that someone made such a big fool of us in front of so many people is maybe the worst....cause they ALL know whats happening. We asked one of the guys at one of the street venders(its a busy little marked on this street) how often it happens? They are here every weekend! Well, thanks for letting us know. So they ALL knew...and NO ONE warned us.


I comfort myself knowing that we got screwed over and we will be pretty much back on track after 2 weeks...these guys screw over there own country and theyre next generation over and over again every day....what values do they teach there kids??? What will theyre kids grow up to be?

I know a lot of these people live in poverty and that they are desperate people. But can we justify steeling?? And will they ever break there bad circle if we let them? The Argentinian police do absolulty nothing about this crime. (In the police report the police officer wrote down, even before asking : the offended will not be able to point out the women/man...well maybe we can? But then they would actually have to try and catch them)

I guess this is all part of travelling.....but still..we came to South america with open arms and now we pretty much have to use our arms to hold on to our stuff. I like to believe everyone is good in some sort of way....but now we have to be so god damn careful with everyone we meet! Me not like!

I have so, so, so much to tell about my travels in Argentina, it is such a beautiful country.....but first I have to learn to like it again and then Ill give away all my stories;)

-Tonje, that have been pissed off for a couple of days, but is back on track with lovely wine & food in Mendoza-

Ps...these photos are the only photos I have from Buenos Aires, as all my photos ofcourse were on the computer!!!

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Åh... Tonje... :-(
Det va pyton for dåkk.. Tenk at der fins sånne slemme folk! Åsså så utspekulert å liksom virka så hjelpsomme og greie.. Fysj! Dåkk har min fulle sympati, HEIA Tonje og James - what doesn`t break you makes you stronger :-* PS: rimeligt beskrivande bilder, tross mangel på andre.. ;p

by Lenapena

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