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Rio de Janeiro!!

sunny 26 °C

Right now we are at Illha Grande, the third biggest island in Brazil. There is no cars or roads, not even an atm. Except from a little village(where we are staying) there is only jungle and beach to see. Today the weather is pretty bad..been raining all morning! So instead of laying on the beach Im laying on my bed with the balcony doors wide open...all I can hear is happy birds and the sound of the ocean. Perfect! :) Shit weather = I have plenty of time to tell u about Rio de Janeiro...

When U are in Brazil u get constantly reminded about all the crime and danger that is around the country. Knowing the fact that Rio de Janeiro is one of the most violent cities on earth I have to say I was expecting a massive ghetto arriving in Rio. But it was`nt at all like that...it was actually extremely clean and "updated". Compare to Salvador, where u pretty much live in a favela(shanty town/slum) u hardly see the favelas in Rio. Rio amazed me straight away with its mountains popping up everywhere....

We decided to stay in Ipanama, the beach next to famous Copacabana. Its suppose to be one of the safest areas in Rio. (Still u get warned to not go outside after dark!!?). Strolling up and down the city beaches (Ipanama, Copacabana & Leblon) is a pretty entertaining walk. The beach is divided up in to areas/posts for different group of people. For example post 9, which is for the suntanned, fit people. Then u have the post for the gay people, the favela kids, families etc. The gay section defenitly was the most entertaining one...how often do u get to see a massive group of tanned, muscley, handsom men kissing and hugging each other???....pretty unreal! :)

Ipanama beach: Crowded u said???

When u are in Rio there is 2 major attractions that is on the must-do list and that is Christ the redeemer, or the massive concrete Jesus as James calles it :) Standing up on this massive mountain looking over Rio was breath taking and seeing the city with these mountains just popping up everywhere just simply makes it the best city I have been to.

Me,James & thebig concrete Jesus:

Not to bad of a view:

The other mountain we had to get on top of was Pao de acucar ("suger loaf"). From here I got to see the most unique sunset I have seen so far in my life...


Our new friends: James,Regina, Becky,me, Steph & James:

Sunset over Rio:

When in Rio....
...you have to go samba dancing and drink caprinha in Lapa. Every Friday and Saturday the streets in Lapa turns into a massive samba party, so ofcourse our little group of 6 backpackers had to try out Rio`s nightlife. First we had to get there, and as backpackers bus was the only option....something we regretted after 10 minuts on the bus. In Rio its obvioulsy not the getting-robbed-part u should be afraid of, but the busdrivers. Our busdriver for the evening defenitly did not know how to use the breaks and at one stage James and I (that unfortunatly were sitting in the front seats) saw something that looked quite like a bottle of vodka. We were all holding on to the seats, screaming everytime he made a turn...which felt more like the bus tipping over. We arrived at lapa alive and in shock. A situation that would make headlines in Norway seems to be normal in Rio. James, Becky and Steph experience the exact same thing in the taxi home later that night...anywho, we arrive in Lapa which is packed with happy, drunk brazilians and travellers and we get heaps of energy straight away listening to all the drums and music around us. Brazilian samba music must for sure be the music with the best rhythm in the world and u instantly feel like dancing. We ended up in this dark club with nothing else than just a big room of dancing brazilians and a group playing drums in one corner. The music fills up the whole room and everyone dances...not the dancing where u kind of rocks back and forth on the dancefloor, but the one where u use every inch of your body. There is one half naked black brazilian man that comes closer and closer to me and Becky and obviously wanna show off his dancing skills, and they are really worth showing off. I try as hard as I can with my Norwegian-non-rhythmic body to copy his moves...all I can say is i hope no one ever caught those minutes on tape.(I defenitly can not compare myself to a Brazilian that obvioulsy has danced samba more than once). After some minutes dancing I look around and I realise Im the only blond headed person in the whole club....

With a massive hangover the next day we say good bye to Becky and Steph after travelling together for 10 days. They are going back to London after travelling for 9 months while we are heading to illha Grande.....

James outside our hostel waiting forour transport:

I already have so much to tell about Illha Grande and the hostel we are staying at. One thing I can say is that we have meet the Brazilian version of Dot(James mum)...but more about that later....

-Tonje, that is loving life in south america :) -

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